Tooth Extractions in Sacramento

Why Do I Need An Extraction?

Removing troublesome wisdom teeth is the most common reason for tooth extractions. If your wisdom teeth are not growing into your mouth properly, they may need to be removed by Dr. Winslow in Sacramento to protect your oral health.

Extractions are also a last resort option when one or more of your teeth have been seriously damaged by oral trauma, or by a chronic oral health issue like gum disease or a tooth infection. At New Essence Dentistry, we practice conservative dentistry. That means Dr. Winslow will only recommend extractions if he truly believes they are the best solution for your case. Contact us now for a consultation. 

Tooth extractions

Did you know…

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10 million wisdom teeth are extracted every year in the United States.

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How It Works: The Tooth Extraction Process

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Numbing & Prepartation

To begin your appointment at our Sacramento office, your mouth will be cleaned and the extraction site will be numbed to keep you comfortable.

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Pulling your tooth

Dr. Winslow will use special tools to gently loosen the ligament keeping the tooth in place. When it’s loose, he will grasp it with a set of dental forceps and pull it out.

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Cleaning & suturing the site

The extraction site must be sutured shut and sanitized to ensure it heals properly after you’re sent home.

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healing & recovery

Dr. Winslow will provide you with a full set of instructions on how to ensure you heal and recover quickly after your tooth extraction in Sacramento.

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Does It Hurt To Get A Tooth Extracted?

No. The tooth extraction process doesn’t hurt at all. Your mouth will be numbed, so while you may feel a little bit of pressure when Dr. Winslow loosens and pulls your tooth, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

However, some pain should be expected after your procedure, once your numbing wears off. Dr. Winslow will provide you with instructions on how to reduce and manage your discomfort after your tooth extraction at New Essence Dentistry in Sacramento.

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Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Not always! Dr. Winslow is a conservative dentist, which means he will never recommend extractions unless he truly believes they are necessary for your oral health. So if your wisdom teeth are growing into your mouth correctly and are not causing any oral health issues, he will not recommend removal. 

Wisdom teeth extractions are only needed when you do not have enough space to accommodate your teeth. If your wisdom teeth are healthy and are not causing any issues, there’s no need to remove them.

Should I Get An Implant To Replace My Missing Tooth?

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Yes. As a rule, Dr. Winslow recommends dental implants to restore missing teeth, rather than other treatments such as partial dentures and dental bridges. While dental implants are usually more costly, they also provide superior functional and cosmetic results, and can easily last 30+ years with proper care.

If you’re interested in dental implants in Sacramento, our team is here to help. Get in touch with us now, and you can discuss your options for restoring your missing tooth with Dr. Winslow right away.